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Unleash The Power Of Your Brain To Live Beyond Limitation With NeuroMovement®

Children With Special Needs
 Pain Relief
Renewed Vitality 

Do You Or Your Child Struggle With These Limitations?

 Has your child had a brain injury or diagnosed with developmental delays?"

Have  you or a loved one suffered from a stroke or other neurological insult?

 Do you desire more energy and

    vitality for your life?

 Do you experience chronic pain in

    your daily life?

 Do you want to reach a breakthrough in your

    rehabilitation program?

 Have you hit a plateau in your fitness or

    sports performance?

Improve the Mind and Body for People of All Ages with NeuroMovement®

The Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® is a cutting-edge, science-based approach that transforms the lives of children and adults, helping them move beyond pain and limitation.


By accessing the amazing power of the brain to change itself, the method helps people discover how to improve the mind and body dramatically enhancing physical, cognitive, emotional, and creative performance.


This unique method has evolved innovative movement exercises called NeuroMovement®, 

which, can create new neural patterns that increase strength, flexibility, and vitality.


Whether you are in good health or have a limiting diagnosis, this method gives you tools to make the impossible possible and to live life more fully, with greater joy and success.

Lesson Pricing

Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Lesson Pricing

Below are options for Lessons based on where you're at. If you are new to NeuroMovement, It's recommended to start with the introductory lesson. Then on to intensives or single 45 min lessons.


What Stephanie's Clients Say

I wasn't expecting much but I was willing to try any therapy that would help me recover from my stroke.  I tried ABM and am amazed how my tensed muscles have all loosened and it made me more aware of my paralyzed side, and taught my brain to make new connections.  I'm excited to learn more to better my recovery.

Levi N

 During one of my ABM lessons, I had an amazing experience of being aware and feeling my leg being moved, but I felt it more through my whole body with a serene, intense, and calm awareness.  I felt refreshed physically and mentally after my ABM sessions.

Gail A

ABMN is amazing.  Stephanie has helped my daughter to sleep all night more consistently, and her symptoms of GERD are significantly decreased.  She loves to go to Ms. Steph's place!

Grace B

How To Work With Stephanie

4 Easy Steps To Get Started

Schedule a lesson by



Once you arrive we will review your health history, current status, and the holistic possibilities with NeuroMovement®.


Experience a 35-45 minute NeuroMovement® Lesson exploring new possibilities in your mind and body.


Get a custom NeuroMovement® Mind Body Plan and feel empowered knowing you now have a map to more possibility and vitality.

Work With Bev
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Get your free Nine Essentials eBook!

Daily Tools to Overcome Pain, Enhance Performance and Renew Vitality.

For a worldwide listing of certified NeuroMovement professionals serving Children with Special
Needs, please visit
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